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Gloria visits Iloilo

January 26, 2004

PHILIPPINE NEWS SERVICE -- Recovering from sickness that kept her in Malacañang for three days, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo resumed yesterday her provincial sorties, this time visiting Iloilo to launch road maintenance, power and aviation projects.

The President was advised by her personal physicians to take a rest after she was stricken with cough and fever last Thursday. This forced her to cancel a trip to Hong Kong Friday and Saturday.

In Cabanatuan, Iloilo, Ms. Arroyo launched a road maintenance program dubbed “Kalsada Natin Alagaan Natin” under the Department of Public Works and Highways.

The program will provide jobs to barangay residents, similar to the Emergency Employment Agency program of the late President Diosdado Macapagal, and prolong the service life of the national roads.

Public Works Secretary Florante Soriquez said the program involves routine maintenance of road shoulders, drainage lines and canals as well as vegetation control activities along 7,117 km of national roads in the Visayas.

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